My Xperia Smartphone location service launched by Sony


my xperia


If you are forgetful or tend to lose your phone easily then Sony is giving you a service to track down your Xperia smartphone. Similar to the Apple service, Sony has launched My Xperia which will allow you to track down your lost or stolen handset.


Users simply need link the Xperia phone up to the service on and should it get lost then then the service can utilise the GPS signal to locate the phone or sound an alert which will override the silent mode.


Should the handset get stolen then the service can also be used to set the phone into a secure mode that will keep information private and the internal and SD card memory can even be wiped remotely should you wish to make sure your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


The service will first be offered on the Xperia Acro S with a rollout to remaining Android 4.0 phones at a later date.


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