My X-Factor addiction takes a turn for the worse!

The popular Nokia 5228 gets the star treatment with the release of the new X-Factor edition. Fans can enjoy a whole host of dedicated features and content including custom wallpapers and ringtones with the actual contestants’ voices. The X-Factor app brings exclusive footage to the palm of your hand and you can also enjoy backstage gossip and tips from the contestants voice coaches.

Our incredible contract deals offer a line rental of just £3.13pm once cash back redemption is taken into account, whilst giving back 300 minutes and unlimited text messages each month. Or, if you feel like a pre-Xmas treat you can pick up the phone for free with the Sony PS3 Slim and the Move motion based controller thrown in as a free gift on contracts starting from £25pm.

There are lots more handsets hitting our virtual shelves this weekend so keep an eye on the blog to get the details or follow us on Twitter where we have already issued a Tweet for each new phone.

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