music? no MUSIC!

The Nokia X1-00 is designed for music excellence with maximum output at minimum cost with a trendy colour scheme and design. The rear casing of the X1-00 features the powerful speaker that not only produces enough sound to dominate over a crowded room (106phon) but also retains its clarity at full power, unlike other music orientated phones.

Music orientated hardware is complemented with dedicated music control keys and a single button for creating play-lists. If you want to share your music then the X1-00 really is going to set the standard for 2011 and with support for MicroSD cards (up to 16GB) you really will be able to take whole lot of music with you to satisfy any mood.
Outside of the ear-popping shock waves caused by the X1-00 we see a basic feature set that incorporates five address books, a great tool for anyone sharing the phone or wanting to keep work and personal contacts apart.

The handy built-in torch feature gets revisited by Nokia on this little gem, so there will be no need for fumbling around with keys after sunset but outside this there is a simple selection of apps that have helped produce a musical masterpiece at a tiny price tag.

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