Motorola RAZR V8 Review

The Motorola Razr V8 will always be hailed one of the most stylish phones plus it was one of the first fashion phones. Before the V8 hit the market mobile phones were deemed for technological uses only now they are must have accessories.
Following in the footsteps of the successful V3 handset which Motorola are famed for the V8 is the new catwalk star of the mobile phone world. The design has been vastly improved the clam shell runs the length of the handset with no buttons on the sides just a sleek  2 inch external touch screen. From here you can access the camera, send and receive text messages and browse through your music.
Inside the clam shell is a large 2.2 inch QTFT 262,000 colour screen which displays a faster and evidently better software system than the V3. Considering a better system it is even slimmer at just 11.9mm plus it has the added premium of chrome and chemically hardened glass to give it a glamorous feel.
The 2 mega pixel camera is pretty decent for such a slim phone plus also get a video player but a downside is no flash. Naturally the V8 comes with an Opera browser and email, office tools, Bluetooth and up to 2GB of memory which unfortunately can’t be expanded.
Available at on T mobile network.

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