Motorola Moto Mod Virtual Reality Headset Leaks

The Motorola Mods have been out for some time, new handsets and mods that can be used with them have been the main theme of recent Motorola releases. The latest Moto Mod looks like it is finally taking Moto users to the virtual reality arena.


Moto Mod Virtual Reality Headset


The new virtual reality headset from Motorola has been spotted on the Twitter account of Evan Blass, who has given many leaks in the past that have come to fruition.


The images show a headset that looks similar to older Samsung headsets and it looks like it will work in a similar way to the Google Daydream View. The VR headset looks a little different to others as there is a round hole on the front. This could be used with the Moto Z and would allow the camera to have an unobstructed view. This could hint at Augmented Reality features, which seems to be a popular direction for recent smartphones.




The VR headset has been a long time coming when mods first made an appearance Motorola hinted that they would move into the VR arena.


The Motorola VR headset has a lot of competition, with Google headsets compatible with the latest Moto phones and plenty of other manufacturers offering these VR headsets.



The price hasn’t been confirmed, it will need to be affordable if Motorola is to have any success in the VR market.


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