Motorola Moto C Review

Motorola has always offered handsets to suit all budgets and now we take a look at a smartphone aimed at those who want a bargain. In our Motorola Moto C review we take a look at what you can expect from the budget-end of the Motorola phone range.


Motorola Moto C Design


moto c design


The Motorola Moto C is a budget handset so don’t expect top materials when it comes to the chassis, however the design features a textured back cover and a bright 5-inch display. The display has a FWGA resolution so you don’t get HD quality but it still performs well for the price you pay.


The phone weighs in at just 154g and it is just 9mm thick so it isn’t too clunky when using it either one-handed or otherwise.


Motorola Moto C Features


motorola moto c features


The Motorola Moto C is an Android 7.0 phone so you get lots of great stuff on board right from the off as well as access to the Play Store for adding new apps and other personalisation.


There is a MediaTek quad-core 1.1GHz processor and 1GB RAM so the phone can handle multitasking but high power demand games will not work well on this handset.


moto c review


The phone memory is 16GB and there is a microSD card slot for a further 32GB so you can store a good amount of photos on this phone before running out of space.


moto c battery


The Moto C has a 2,350mAh battery on board which is quite low capacity when compared to other models so if long battery life is a priority another handset such as the Moto C Plus would be a better option.


Motorola Moto C Camera


moto c camera features


The camera on the rear of the Moto C is a 5-megapixel lens and there is an LED flash to illuminate your subject so you can get good shots in low light. There are a few different shooting modes including HDR and Beautification as well as Burst Mode for quick shots and Panorama for capturing more of your surroundings.


moto c camera


The front-facing selfie camera has a resolution of 2-megapixels and the Selfie Light ensures you get sufficient lighting for your perfect pout.


The Motorola Moto C doesn’t compete with high-end smartphones out there, but it isn’t trying to. This is the ideal phone for your kids or for anyone that wants a smartphone with all the essential features without paying too much money for it. For those that like mobile gaming or taking lots of photos a higher-end smartphone with a more powerful processor and better resolution camera would be a better option.

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