Motorola Milestone 2-Tethering, HD and DNLA

The Motorola Milestone is a great phone, but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire sales wise. When it launched the world was touch screen crazy and the Qwerty keyboard seem like an anachronism. But now that a hoard of consumers have really experienced life with a touch screen smartphone perhaps the market is ready for the Milestone 2.

The big features aside from the keyboard are 720p video on the 3.7in touch screen, built in DNLA for sharing video, audio and pictures via wifi to other DNLA devices,  1GHz cpu, 8 Gb of onboard memory and support for 32Gb sd cards and, it has android 2.2  with all it’s voice search goodness.

Apparently the Milestone 2 is capable of tethering – sharing it’s 3g/HSDPA broadband connection with other devices, like a laptop, over WiFi. This sounds great, but I would be amazed if any of the UK networks will ship the Milestone 2 with this feature still enabled, after all they want to sell you a separate mobile broadband dongle for your laptop.

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