Motorola goes back to basics.

If you love a bargain, you’ll love that Motorola have recently announced six new low end phones. There hasn’t been an awful lot of information about the phones but we think they will be released in Q3 and expect them to be very cheap!

Being affordable mobiles, don’t expect too many high end features but you can ensure that these phones will be reliable and easy to use devices for those who don’t want all the fancy features of a modern mobile phone.

Motorola WX260

The first items on the list are the super simple and small WX161 and WX181. These candy bar devices offer the usual call and messaging features as well as an FM radio and integrated flashlight.

For something basic but not completely void of features the WX290 includes a digital camera, flashlight, WAP browser, FM radio and Bluetooth to give you a few more options when using your mobile. These features also come in a clamshell form from the WX295 if this is more your style.

If the WX290 and WX295 sound like too much hassle to you then the WX260 may be perfect for you, especially if you love music. The WX260 provides up to 11 hours of music playback so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you are on the go as well as a WAP browser for basic Internet browsing. The WX260 also has a sibling in the form of the WX265; a clamshell form with added Bluetooth connectivity and expandable memory up to 2GB.

Motorola has provided a great range of affordable and easy to use devices to bring mobile phones back to basics and use them for actually phone people!

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