Motorola Digital Tattoo

Is unlocking your smartphone driving you mad? Well, VivaLnk and Motorola think so and have created a solution to ease that process.


Already this year we have seen a surge of interest in wearable tech and added into the mix of fitness and health features we have seen manufacturers keen to use the proximity of a smart watch, like the Moto 360 reviewed here, and smartphone to unlock the device and prime it for use.


Motorola and VivaLnk however have decided to offer another avenue into the remote unlocking of your mobile phone by supplying wearable digital tattoos.


VivaLnk Tattoo for Moto X


VivaLnk’s first shot into this market is happening across the pond in the US at the moment where the Moto X has been extremely successful.


But, it is clear that VivaLnk intend to expand the diversity of manufacturers, models and countries with which it hopes to work.


Moto X digital tattoo


The digital tattoo is the simplest way to unlock your phone with one tap on the digital tattoo unlocking your mobile phone and making it ready to go.


This penny sized piece of wearable tech will save you entering your PIN or swipe code, a process that the average user does almost 40 times a day, although I know many people who far exceed this estimate!


The digital tattoo is also reported to be extremely durable and compatible with daily life.


Each tattoo should have an adhesive lifetime of approximately 5 days and is resistant to swimming, showers, exercise and just about anything else you can throw at it.


The VivaLnk tattoos are sold in packs of 10 at a cost of $9.99 (£5.86) and for a new concept in its beginnings this seems fairly reasonable to me.


Digital Tattoo


The digital tattoos use VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology and will sync with a Moto X using its NFC unlock feature.


The tattoo design has a diameter of 24mm and a thickness of 160µm with an unlock radius of 10mm. It is described as both blending in on your wrist and having a shimmering effect.


More on the VivaLnk digital tattoo


The digital tattoo is safe for sensitive skin and uses medical grade adhesives from 3M. They have already undergone extensive biocompatibility testing however if skin irritation is experienced it is advised to stop use immediately.


The tattoo should be placed a few inches away from the wrist and you simply need to unlock your Moto X and tap it onto the digital tattoo to sync the pair together.


Wearable tech


At the moment there is just one vortex design but more will follow and the tattoo can be used to unlock numerous phones should the need arise.


For security purposes if a synced tattoo goes missing or is stolen then you can un-pair that tattoo via the Moto X itself.


Is this the best wearable tech solution to solve your phone unlocking hassles?


Written by: Michael Brown

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