Motorola Atrix Mobile-Lap-Phone-Top

The Atrix from Motorola is on it’s way to the UK on Orange soon, and it’s a pretty good phone –  Dual core processor, 1Gig of RAM, 16Gig of onboard flash memory and Android 2.2.

The hardware spec isn’t that far removed from the sort of spec you might find on a netbook or lower end laptop,  which seems to have given Motorola an idea.

The Atrix can be used like any other smartphone, but it can also be clipped in to a base station.  The base station is basically an 11.6 inch screen and keyboard, converting the Atrix in to a netbook and using the data connection of the phone to browse the web on the included full version of Firefox.

The base station includes its own battery which powers the screen and can also charge the phone, it also has it’s own UI to make the experience more like a laptop.  Also included is Citrix software to enable remote use of desktop apps.

So will it catch on? Maybe, the Atrix stands up well as a phone in it’s own right,  and the ability to convert it to a laptop is cool, but the price of the base station has yet to be confirmed and unless it’s a good deal less than a netbook or tablet it’s hard to see the point. Making use of a mobile data package on a proper screen without having to unlock tethering is attractive, but if last weeks CES showings are anything to go by keyboards are so passe, it seems that the manufacturers are all convinced that none of us need to type anything more than facebook passwords and the odd tweet.

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