Moto X Force review

The Moto X Force is, as the name suggests, a force to be reckoned with and Motorola makes a bold claim, claiming that this phone has the world’s first shatterproof display. Here we take a look at the tech behind this claim as well as taking a looking at the Moto X Force’s design, features and camera.


Moto ShatterShield


Moto ShatterShield is the buzzword that Motorola has branded to its shatterproof claim and they are so sure of its durability that it has backed it up with a four year screen warranty. The engineering behind ShatterShield sees five layers of screen combined:


Layer 1 – The outermost layer has been hardened to protect the display from dents and abrasion.
Layer 2 – Next is a highly transparent layer that increases crack and shatter resistance.
Layer 3 – The next layer is an extremely clever piece of innovation. Two layers of touch sensors have been bonded together so that if the first layer gets damaged the second layer takes over.
Layer 4 – Next is the 5.4” AMOLED display that produces the image that you see at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (540ppi).
Layer 5 – Finally, the bottom most layer is an aluminium rigid chassis that offers structural integrity and durability.

Moto X Force design


If you are going to promote an extra durable phone then you have to use lots of tough jargon and Motorola has gone all out in the colour naming department. The standard colour will be ‘Black Ballistic Nylon’ which gives a soft easy-grip surface that is durable, textured and lightweight. The alternative to this is a handcrafted Horween pebbled leather finish.


Moto ShatterShield


A water repellent nano-coating has been applied to offer protection against spills and the rain and the Moto X Force isn’t too heavy at all, at 169g. The phone has a curved back with a palm-pleasing arc that is 7.6mm thick at the edge and 9.2mm thick in the centre.

Moto X Force features


The Moto X Force features are powered by a 2GHz octa-core processor with 3GB RAM. This is plenty of power for even the most demanding tasks and consumers will be able to choose either a 32GB or 64GB internal memory at the point of sale. Should more memory be required, then a microSD card can be inserted with a value of up to 2TB.


The pure Android Lollipop experience sees no unnecessary bloatware ruining the experience with the best additional software pre-installed being Motorola Assist. This sets the phone up depending upon its environment, so when the user is driving Assist responds to messages automatically to advise the sender that the owner is driving. At night, Assist activates a do-not-disturb state and only allows important notifications through.


Shatterproof phone


For practicality, the Moto X Force allows the user to keep their hands free for many operations with voice commands. These include asking for directions, making a search or asking questions. Audio is a key element of any smartphone and five microphones are built in for active noise cancellation. For projecting sound, there is a front-ported loud speaker.


The 3760mAh battery is impressively large and offers up to 48 hours of typical mixed usage. TurboPower Charging gives 13 hours of use in only 15 minutes but the inclusion of the TurboPower Charger is market dependent and yet to be confirmed. Support for wireless charging is also offered with wireless chargers sold separately.

Moto X Force camera


The camera is of the highest quality with a 21MP resolution and natural results can be captured in tricky low-light environments thanks to a Colour Correlated Temperature dual-LED flash.


Moto X Force


Camera features include a rapid focus with zero shutter lag, 4x digital zoom and video recording at a quality of either 1080p or 4K. The secondary 5MP camera has a wide-angle lens and a large 1.4um pixel size to tackle low-light conditions, when a selfie is demanded.

Moto X Force verdict


The Moto X Force deserves to be a runaway hit and shows that durability and good looks can go together without compromise. The Moto X Force is scheduled to go on pre-order shortly.


Written by: Michael Brown

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