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The Moto 360 has been gaining some momentum within the industry with this latest wearable tech being very much talked about and the subject of speculation and rumour so here we take a look at it to see what it’s all about.


Moto 360 Design


moto 360


The one thing you notice immediately about the Moto 360 is that it has not gone for a square display which has been the chosen format for other smartwatches like the LG G Watch. Motorola has instead opted for the classic round clock face shape that you would expect on a normal watch.


This may go a long way to gaining some followers as the usual square bulky smartwatch look has put some users off, so a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch could just be the thing that converts those skeptics.


The display is said to be an OLED screen which is a smart way to go as OLED displays use up to 40% less power than LCD ones which could make for a less bulky overall design thanks to a smaller battery.


Moto 360 Specifications


The exact details of what is packed into the Moto 360 have been thin on the ground so we don’t know fully what to expect.


The Moto 360 can be worn on either wrist, as confirmed by Motorola, thanks to the UI that can be flipped to suit however you wear it.


moto 360 2


The smartwatch will be powered by Android Wear and on the sleek watch you won’t see any charging points as it uses magnetic induction to recharge. As other devices such as the Nexus range use the magnetic Qi charger it could be a safe bet that the Moto 360 will use the same.


Another unique aspect of this smartwatch is that it will be able to be paired with other manufacturers handsets and not just Motorola. The Moto 360 will work with Android 4.3, Android 4.4 and Android L smartphones although there is no indication of a compatibility with Apple products.


The watch will also be water resistant, not waterproof though so best take it off before swimming.


Moto 360 smartwatch


Moto 360 Release Date


It was thought that the Moto 360 would be officially unveiled at Google I/O but even though it made an appearance it is still yet to be made official, so we are still awaiting a release date.


Would you use the Moto 360? Do you like the round design compared to the square design of previous smartwatches? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+ or Facebook.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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