More iPhone 5 Photos Leaked

iPhone 5 photo leaked

New photos, purportedly to be of the iPhone 5‘s front panel, leaked this weekend on Credibility was added to these snaps when they were republished on the website.


These photos don’t reveal a huge amount about the new handset¬†but do confirm a number of rumours that have been doing the rounds these past few months. These include an increase in screen size to 4-inch, a centrally located Facetime camera and a scaled down 8-pin dock connector.


It has been widely reported that Apple will launch the iPhone 5¬†on September 12, coming to market on nine days later on September 21. Perhaps the most surprising thing about all these rumours and leaked photos isn’t the design but that they exist at all. Apple is notoriously secretive about its new products and despite the huge clamour for news, generally resists any pressure, preferring the world and its media to tune in on launch day.


So are these leaks engineered by Apple? With high profile launches from Samsung and HTC, both resulting in big sales of handsets that are in direct competition to the iPhone, has Apple been forced into breaking its embargo in an attempt to drum up interest and stop users switching to competitors?


New iPhone 5 Front


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