Mobilesplease Jargon Buster

If you don’t know your Wi-Fi from your 3G, Mobilesplease have put together a Jargon Buster to make sure you understand what all these fancy features really do.

3G – Third Generation, this is the latest phone technology that allows high speed data content transfer. Video and pictures can be viewed quickly with this technology.

Bluetooth – allows your phone to work with other electronic (Bluetooth) devices, such as your headset, laptop, or Palm without the need for wires

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service, can improve 2G phones’ data transfer. A GPRS connection means the phone is “always on” and can transfer data immediately.

GPS – Global Positioning Satellite, uses satelites to calculate your exact position on earth.

QWERTY keyboard – A keyboard with the same letter layout as a computer keyboard

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol, allows you to access the internet from your phone.

Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity, wireless transmission of data and images with a good range.

Now you fully understand all the technical terms you can shop with ease at Mobilesplease to save time and get the best deal on the market.

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