Mobilesplease at the Gadget Show Live 2012

The Gadget Show Live

Since first airing on channel 5 in 2004 from its humble studios in Birmingham, The Gadget Show has grown to become  a successful global franchise, airing in numerous countries and supporting an annual live event attended by thousands.


This year’s Gadget Show Live, which finished last week, featured a huge range of cutting-edge gadgets from established manufacturers like Samsung and Cannon right down to start-ups and students, with Nottingham Trent University’s giant interactive skull proving a hit with attendees.


Mobilesplease was there and obtained exclusive interviews with the likes of Sandisk, Seagate, Sony, Overclockers UK, Scan Computers and the aforementioned Nottingham Trent University.


Below is our compilation of these interviews and overview from the Gadget Show Live 2012, including an impressive demo of Sony’s new smartwatch, which enables you to control your mobile phone from your wrist!


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