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At Mobiles Please we understand that it can be hard to choose from hundreds of mobiles and thousands of deals to make sure you get the perfect handset to suit you. So here is our guide to finding the perfect tariff. If you follow a few simple steps you will definitely be able to choose the right option to let you enjoy your new phone to its fullest.

The first step is to assess what usage you will require for the various charging areas, calls, text, multimedia messaging and data / Internet. The most important rule is to pick the options that will cover your usage, it is a false economy to pick a low line rental to try and save money only to then be charged a high rate for your usage once your minutes / texts have been used up. Spending an extra £5 on the line rental to get the right deal for you can easily save you £20 a month.

How many free minutes do I need?

If you have been on a contract tariff before then take a look at your last bill. The bill will clearly show what line rental you were paying for, what minutes you had and if you were charged for lots of extra calls because you didn’t have enough free minutes. It is also worth checking if you had free minutes left over, as this could suggest that you may be able to reduce the number of free minutes you receive and then maybe use that saving in another area like texts or data.

New users to contract phones can use a simple exercise to work out their expected usage. If 1 call is made per day and lasts for 3 minutes then a tariff with 100 free minutes would be ideal.

How many free text messages do I need?

Here again, take a look at an old bill or multiply your daily usage to get a monthly figure. Lots of options are available with tariffs today, such as unlimited text messaging for free (fair usage policies will apply) or a bolt on that offer a certain amount free each month.

What about multimedia messaging, video calling, mobile TV and other data / Internet services?

If you want access to these cutting edge services you will find plenty of deals where usage is either included for free (fair usage polices will apply) or a bolt on is available.

Our overall message here is to take a few moments to assess what you need and you should be a happy and satisfied user for years to come.

The Mobiles Please Guides section will be available shortly for a full run down on all you need to know about mobile phones. Have a look at all our latest mobile phones to get a really great deal on the coolest phones on the market.

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