Mobiles Are a Pain in the Bum

Doctors have known for years that sitting on the toilet for a long time can up your chances of getting haemorrhoids, they advise against reading on the toilet for this reason and now it’s been suggested that people are spending longer in the bathroom playing games and texting from the toilet which could be storing up trouble for the future.

We wanted to know what the facts were, so we surveyed smartphone owners to find out if they really do spend time on the toilet playing Angry Birds.

Of the 1,034 responses to our survey, 82% indicated that they regularly or sometimes used their phone whilst on the toilet.

Those who answered “regularly” spent an average of 6 minutes on the toilet versuses 2.5 minutes for those who answered “never”.

Only 8% of those who used their phone from the toilet said that they made outgoing calls, but 17% said that they would answer an incoming call.
There was a small difference between the sexes with 7.49% of men and 8.46% of women making calls and 15.34% and 18.47% respectively answering incoming calls. The split was less pronounced for text messages with 97% of both sexes who used their phone on the toilet admitted to sending or reading texts.

32% of men who regularly used their phones on the toilet admitted to playing games, this figure was only 17% for women, but women caught up when it came to social networking – Of those who regularly used their phone on the toilet 57% of women accessed Facebook while only 52% of men logged on.

When we compared Iphone owners with Android and Blackberry owners we found that amongst regular phone-in-the-toilet users Iphone owners averaged a whopping 7 minutes versus 5.4 minutes for Android and 5 minutes for Blackberry

Only 6 people admitted to using video calls from the toilet, 5 of whom were men.

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