Mobile phones and Data Charges

With the increased number of smartphone users and the popularity of data packages with mobile contracts, keeping track of how much you use and the additional charges can be annoying especially after getting the monthly bill with all these extra charges on it. Some applications use data and automatically run in the background without the user ever knowing. A recent example is from Phonepayplus that uncovered two cases where the applications were charging users and using data without their knowledge or consent.


There are a number of applications available out there that monitor your data usage on 3G and Wi-Fi with notifications of how much data allowance is left until the next period. This gives users a screenshot of what they use a month and subsequently allows them to decide if they need to change their plan to suit their needs. Some of these applications are free whereas others are chargeable.


A popular application out there for cutting data costs is Onavo. It uses cloud-based technology that compresses incoming and outgoing data and saves users up to 80% of their data plan. The user friendly interface breaks down the cost and usage of each and every application that uses data connectivity and shows the monthly usage for the corresponding application.


The popularity of mobile data usage has increased with the introduction of smartphones. This has been seen as a positive aspect but consumers should be aware of the additional costs network providers charge for this service and the ways of avoiding them.


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