Mobile Data to make more than Mobile Voice for Operators by 2018


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The GSMA, a worldwide organisation that represents the mobile industry, releases its prediction that mobile data will overtake voice by 2018.

The news release has been created to coincide with the Mobile World Congress that is underway in Barcelona this week. This key industry event includes presentations, awards and vendor stands from almost 14,000 industry players, from manufacturers to app developers.

The GSMA expects significant growth in various areas of mobile data use and these include mobile health services, which it predicts could save 1-million lives in Africa.

From health education to reducing world food spoils that could in turn feed 40-million people by 2017, the benefits and use of data effects everyone. Smart monitoring of carbon emissions and cars connected to the emergency services are also other possible future uses highlighted that will effect the world.

Data exceeding voice is most likely to occur earlier than this in the UK and US where this milestone is expected to be surpassed in 2014 whilst Argentina may achieve this as early as this year.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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