Mobile Broadband

Huawei E160G White USBBriefly: Mobile broadband is the fastest easiest way to connect to high speed internet, no wires, no landline no fuss!

If your on the go and need access to the internet you need mobile broadband, whether you choose between a USB stick or a dongle you simply plug into your laptop or computer and you are off! Mobile dongles are essentially mobile modems and these devices can also be called mobile USB sticks and USB modems….they fit in to any computer or laptop via the USB port.

Who is it for? Mobile broadband is ideal if you work on the move, live in a shared flat or do not have a landline phone.  Now there is no need to hover around public places trying to get hold of a wireless connection, you will have it all the time and from only £14.98 a month!

At Mobilesplease we have a vast range of mobile broadband devices where you are sure to find a tariff and usage to suit you.  Huawei are renowned for their expertise in 3G and business internet connectivity and the E160G USB stick which comes in white and black is perfect for beginners coming onto the mobile broadband scene. The devices come with new technology Birdstep which basically means that the device software self installs so you can just plug and play. Plus with download speeds of up to 3.6mbp it is like having broadband on the go.                                                                     

One of the best things about these dongles is that they are small enough to go in your pocket or bag and means you can use it anyway and everywhere such as the bus, park or even your favourite restaurant.

At Mobilesplease we have some great deals on mobile broadband devices such as free gifts of laptops…you will be connected in no time.

If you need to no any further about mobile broadband just let us know. We also have a vast range of the latest phones that come with 3G internet which may be even better when on the move!

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