Mobile Black Spot at home? Try EE Wi-Fi Calling


With mobile networks vying to offer the best coverage in the UK you may think it’s surprising to find that there are still plenty of coverage black spots that leave mobile phone users frustrated and unable to make calls. The EE network already offers a good overall coverage of the UK but they now aim to fill in some of those blanks with Wi-Fi Calling.



EE wifi calling

What is Wi-Fi Calling?


For anyone who finds a patchy mobile signal at home or particular place it can be extremely annoying to be unable to make a call or send a text. With Wi-Fi calling you will be able to use your home Wi-Fi to make and receive calls instead of using the mobile network.


wifi calling at home


The system is currently only available on EE with their version of Android and Windows devices which are available to buy directly from the network.


The system is incredibly easy to use as you don’t need an app or complicated procedure to connect. You simply need to connect to your home Wi-Fi network and makes calls and send texts as usual. The service is available on EE Pay Monthly and Small Business plans with a roll-out to Corporate plans later this year


After you have connected once your device will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi if you drop network connection so you won’t notice any difference in service.


wifi calling underground stations


Calls and texts made over Wi-Fi are deducted from your monthly allowance as they would be if you used the mobile network and any calls or texts sent over your allowance will be charged at your standard rates.


The Wi-Fi Calling from EEservice is only compatible with Android and Windows devices bought directly from EE, a device bought from elsewhere will not work with this service.


The simplicity of the system and the use of your own Wi-Fi network will make this service appeal to anyone that has struggled to get a signal at home. I have on many occasion found myself balancing on the sofa waving my phone around like a loon to try and send a text due to the patchy service in my living room.



Does this service appeal to you? Have you any funny stories about trying to get signal at home? Would you sign up to this service with a EE Android or Windows device?

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