Microsoft Surface Phone Set for 2017

With the demise of the Lumia range the rumour mill has become rife with speculation about a Windows Surface phone with some hinting towards a release this year. It now looks like the Microsoft Surface Phone may not land until 2017 so if you are one of the people considering it you will have to wait a little longer.


Microsoft Surface Phone Launch


Microsoft Lumia 950


While many have been hinting that then Microsoft Surface Phone will launch this year it appears that sources have said it won’t be happening until next year. Windows Central have stated that, according to their sources, the Surface Phone is pegged for a 2017 release and will be released in 3 variants.


There is still no official word from Microsoft on this but it would bring the launch in line with a Windows 10 update which is expected in 2017 too.

Three Models


Lumia 640 XL colour range


The same sources have said that the Surface phone will launch in three variants with a premium edition, a business-focused model and a consumer variant.


windows 10 lumia smartphone


This type of offering has been made by other manufacturers so this wouldn’t be a surprise that Microsoft will try to cover a broad spectrum of users with an offering to appeal to different smartphone markets.


Microsoft Surface Phone Specifications


There is not much circulating about the Surface phone specifications and what will end up on the released phone although we do know that it is being developed by the team that brought us the Surface tablet and is expected to use the next generation Core processors from Intel.


microsoft surface phone coming soon


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