Microsoft Surface Phone Heading Our Way



With the Windows 8 operating system just around the corner, a new dawn is upon us where we expect touch to dominate against the traditional keyboard or keypad method of interaction with devices such as laptops and tablets.


This story begins with Microsoft commanding 95% of the market in personal computing devices but on the arrival of smartphones this was turned on its head and today Microsoft only commands 30% of this market.


The Windows 8 launch event is due to take place in New York and this will now be followed with the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet. This shows a clear indication that Microsoft will no longer continue to focus just on software but will switch a portion of its focus towards creating new hardware to take full advantage of Windows 8.


The feedback from other hardware manufacturers has been varied with some predicting a huge impact and loss of sales on their products whilst others remain unconcerned. Unlike when Vista launched where the user interface was a terrible change that actually seemed more complicated,  this new look and operation of Windows 8 is icon-based (with touch-controlled tiles) and the user has already jumped on board this trend through Smartphone apps on the Android and Apple operating systems.


The big news for mobile phone users here is the rumour that a Surface Phone is already under development by Microsoft to compliment the Surface Tablet range. Add onto this the fact that NokiaHTC and Samsung have all announced that they will be releasing handsets using the Windows Phone 8 operating system (which launches next week) and it appears that the lukewarm reception of Windows Phone 7 will soon be forgotten.


For now the only confirmed hardware news is that a Pro version of the Surface Tablet will be launched in January but watch this space!


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