Microsoft Shares Future Smartphone Strategy

Microsoft Shares Future Smartphone Strategy


Microsoft has shared its new smartphone strategy, in an internal memo to its employees, and here we take a look at the content of that memo:


Last week Microsoft announced the sale of its feature phone hardware business (the Nokia brand) and Microsoft now intends to streamline its smartphone hardware business (the Lumia brand). It is anticipated that this will affect 1,350 jobs in Finland with a global impact on 1,850 jobs.


Microsoft’s Mixed Success


Without question Windows 10 has been a success, recently passing 300 million monthly active devices. This success is mirrored through its Surface and Xbox hardware, with customer satisfaction at its highest levels so far.


Microsoft Windows phones however have only received success with certain demographics. These include companies and professionals who have embraced Microsoft’s commitment to security, Continuum and device manageability.


What is Continuum? Continuum connects a smartphone with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, through a Microsoft Dock accessory. The smartphone then up-scales apps for use on a full-sized screen, driving a computer-styled experience.

Windows Continuum


Microsoft Phones with Continuum


Be More Focused


Microsoft’s memo clarifies that the company will continue to develop universal apps and give app developers the capabilities that they need. Existing Lumia and OEM partner phones will continue to be supported but Microsoft must be more focused on it s hardware efforts in the future.


The words ‘Be More Focused’ have particular importance with Microsoft accepting that it has not always had the alignment needed to make an impact.


The alignment and more focused approach will add more weight to the rumours that the team that creates the Surface laptops and tablets are working on creating three Microsoft Surface Phones.


Microsoft Surface Phone


Originally rumoured for a late 2016 release, the Microsoft Surface Phone has reportedly been pushed back into 2017, largely due to a delay in the commercial production of the processor that will be used in the Microsoft Surface Phone.


Microsoft Surface Phone


The Microsoft Surface Phone could follow the same design traits as other Surface products, which means that it could have a kickstand, making it a great device for watching media and catch-up TV. It may also mean that at least one of the variants could have a stylus too.


The Surface Phone is expected to have a 5.5 inch display on the consumer edition, while the pro/premium edition will have a 6 inch display.


Naturally, the Microsoft Surface Phone will be powered by Windows 10, which will automatically update itself when OS updates are available. Just like the PC edition of Windows 10, the free and continued updates to Windows 10 means that there will never be a Windows 11 operating system.


You can read more about the Microsoft Surface Phone here.


Written by: Michael Brown

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