Microsoft Sends out Windows 10 Devices Event Invites

The Windows Mobile line up will soon be bolstered with new arrivals sporting the latest OS and now Microsoft has sent out invites for a Windows 10 Device event it looks like we don’t need to wait too much longer.


Windows Phone 10 Devices


windows 10 microsoft event


The event will be taking place in New York on October 6th and it is expected that we will be seeing plenty of new devices to get excited about. The Windows 10 roll out has been happening on personal computers for a while and the mobile industry has been eagerly awaiting to see what Microsoft will do with the smartphone version.


Microsoft Lumia 950


lumia 950


The Lumia 950 is expected to be the top release from Microsoft during the event and the leaked information suggests this should be an impressive Windows 10 smartphone.


The tech specs leaked so far indicate a QHD display along with 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 808 processor. The camera package is expected to consist of a 20-megapixel snapper on the back along with a 5-megapixel lens on the front.


Other leaks have speculated that we could see an iris scanner on board, which would be a first for a UK smartphone so we will find out if this made it onto the final device during the Microsoft event in October.


There is also a Microsoft Lumia 950XL expected to be announced at the same time, this will have essentially the same specifications as the Lumia 950 but with a bigger screen for phablet lovers.


Windows 10 Surface Pro 4


The Microsoft event is not expected to just be limited to smartphones with the latest Surface Pro tablet making an appearance too.


surface pro 4


The tablet is anticipated to be sporting a 14-inch QHD display and the addition of a stylus, so the event should deliver lots of attendees to try out.

New York New York


The Big Apple is the venue for the latest Microsoft event and will start at 10am local time, so we will be getting news over to us in the afternoon of October 6th to find out whether the rumours and expected devices are making an appearance.


Are you looking forward to new Windows 10 devices? Would you go for a Windows Mobile to try it out instead of Android or Apple? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+.


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