Marshmallow upgrades begin for Motorola owners

Google’s Android Marshmallow operating system is now becoming available as a free over-the-air upgrade, on a variety of Motorola smartphones.


The Marshmallow upgrade will roll out to UK customers who own smartphones from the 2014 and 2015 Motorola range.


Eligible devices released this year include the Moto X Force, Moto X Play, Moto X Style, Moto G 2015 and the Moto E 2015. Eligible phones from the 2014 range include the Moto G 2014, Moto X 2014 and the Nexus 6.


New Marshmallow features


The Android Marshmallow operating system brings with it a host of new features, the most useful of which include:


Doze Mode: This feature’s goal is to substantially increase battery life through monitoring how long the phone has been left idle. Doze Mode automatically puts the phone into a deep sleep when this occurs but the phones springs back to life as soon as a call, message or notification is received
Now on Tap: A long press on the home key activates Now on Tap, which appears as a small pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Now on Tap understands the content on the phone’s screen and the pop-up includes appropriate next action links. If a restaurant was mentioned in a message then it may offer links to a review or give the option to begin GPS navigation. If a hotel is mentioned on a web page then it may give links to book a room, and so on.
Android Pay: Marshmallow gives one tap access to Android Pay and purchases can now be made without the use of a separate app.
Direct Share: News, links and photos can be shared quickly with favourite contacts.


Now on Tap


Pure Android ethos


Motorola has a Pure Android ethos, which means that it will not put additional Moto apps on its phones when the same service is offered by the operating system itself. Android Marshmallow has several new elements to it that were provided by Moto apps, so these will be removed when the Marshmallow upgrade goes through.


This means that Moto Assist will be removed as its functionality will be replaced by do not disturb, which can be found under the sound and notification settings. This feature, as its name suggests, ensures that the user isn’t disturbed when, for example, they are sleeping or when they are in a meeting.


Android Marshmallow also has the functionality to back up user data, so Motorola Migrate will be removed.


It is clear from this latest news that Motorola is keen to evolve when and as operating systems do, keeping your smartphone free from unnecessary bloatware. To get the latest news on when your Motorola phone will be able to upgrade to Marshmallow, visit the Motorola software upgrade page.
Written by: Michael Brown

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