Making Sense of it all! HTC phones get a little more Desirable!

What’s new with HTC? This is a question well worth asking with new releases, the Desire HD and Desire Z, available for pre-order and coming into stock in October.

These latest offerings from HTC include the new HTC Sense and services that sit on top of the rich multimedia experience that has made earlier models so popular. HTC Sense enhances the camera experience with HD videos and camera effects whilst bookworms can enjoy integrated e-reading with the new e-book store from Koboa. HTC Sense also offers HTC Locations, an online mapping experience without download delays. enhances the mobile experience with a range of services accessible from either the phone or a PC. Handy features include locating a misplaced phone by flagging it on a map or instructing the phone to ring loudly, even when the phone is set to silent mode. If the phone has been stolen it can be remotely locked with all personal data removed and calls/texts forwarded to another phone.

The latest news from HTC is an update on the spec of the Desire HD. The originally quoted AMOLED display is to be replaced with an S-LCD display manufactured by Sony. HTC have stated that the S-LCD display will perform better in direct sunlight with comparable viewing angles of an AMOLED display. The new display also performs 5x better with respect to power consumption compared to a standard LCD display.

With a shortage of AMOLED displays available at the moment the S-LCD choice will enable HTC to ramp up production. If you’re getting excited about HTC like we are then click here to check out the latest deals for the HTC Desire HD and place your pre-order.

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