Love Vodafone? Love October!

Fans of the Vodafone network are set for a treat in October with 2 new releases and a makeover. The Vodafone 945 is high-class and we take a look at this below, the Vodafone 553 is perfect for social networking and messaging but without 3G connectivity and the Vodafone 543 gets a new design with high-street fashion label Miss Sixty.

The Vodafone 945 gives us double delights with the ever popular Android v2.1 operating system taking the helm whilst the Vodafone 360 service offers a portfolio of extra functionality. The 360 Music Shop boasts over 1-million individual tracks & albums whilst other 360 services allow you to share your location with friends & get turn-by-turn navigation with the in-built GPS or even share your pictures via your social network sites that are collaborated into one page for ease of use.

The 945 is also a genius when it comes to messaging, the latest xT9 Trace input method creates words from a simple swipe of a finger over the touch sensitive display. SMS, MMS and email are all supported along with Wi-Fi, 3G HSDPA Web browsing, Bluetooth connectivity and a 5-megapixel camera is built-in for capturing professional quality pictures.

If these upcoming new releases have sparked your interest then keep an eye on our blog and I will post an update, as soon they become available.

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