Day 2 – Dad’s Just Signed Me Up To Do A 10k Run … Must Start Looking For My Trainers

Facebook Free, Day 2:

At lunch time I’d had absolutely no Facebook cravings and was feeling quite proud of myself, by 2pm I’d had eight missed calls and four texts from my best friend, urgently requesting me to call back. A ‘heated debate’ from the weekend was re-surfacing as a result of a few comments made on a few photos.

Naturally I wanted to jump to her rescue and add a comment of my own, which would have only added fuel to the fire; I almost caved so I went for a run instead. By the time I’d got back it had all been resolved – which probably wouldn’t have been the case had I got drawn in.

The benefits of being Facebook free are quite obvious after only two days; the only disappointment is that the trouble causing photo’s were from a fancy dress party over the weekend and I’ve still not had chance to see any of them – I’ve no idea what all of the fuss was even about! We should probably use PhotoBucket but it just seems like a lot of effort once they’ve already been uploaded to Facebook. Alternative solutions to Facebook are available but why bother when they’re integrated into one service?

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