LG X Screen – The always-on display

The LG X Screen has been designed with one purpose in mind; to bring the secondary always-on display to the market that sits beneath the premium flagship market.


Always-on display


In a more affordable smartphone, the always-on display sits as a strip just above the main display. It doesn’t stretch across the full width of the display and instead stretches out over 1.76 inches.


Always on display


This is plenty enough area to fit in 520 x 80 pixels and these can be used to display notifications, quick links to apps, music controls, battery status or a personal message or motto of your choosing.


Battery drain is an unfounded fear as the always-on display uses less than 1% of the battery each hour. Without needing to wake up the whole display to check notifications or the time, this can actually be less power used than that on phones without an always-on display.




The 4.93 inch HD display has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and this is the gateway to exploring the Android Marshmallow operating system. Stand out features include Now on Tap which can be activated by making a long press on the home page. This feature then pops open a new window with useful links based upon what was on the screen.


Now on Tap can give links to booking tables at restaurants, links to hotel reviews and links for sharing content on your social networks.


LG X Screen


Google Voice Search removes the need for typing and this service can also be used for setting reminders, all without typing a single letter. Google Maps and GPS navigation are also featured, giving the user a well-rounded set of practical tools,


As with all Android phones, Google Play can be visited in order to find new, free or paid for, apps to download.




Photography on the LG X Screen is provided through a 13 megapixels camera lens or, in the case of selfies and video calls, through a secondary 8 megapixels camera. The camera has Face detecting Auto Shot and can also record HD video.


13MP camera


Should I buy the LG X Screen? If you like to stay up with the latest trends then you will know that fingerprint sensors are so last year. This year it is always-on displays and you can get hold of one for less than you think.

Written by: Michael Brown

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