LG will launch the G5 at the MWC 2016

The LG G5 rumour mill has been running for a while and one of the areas of speculation was about when we would actually see the launch happen. LG has now confirmed that they will launch the G5 at the MWC event this year so we don’t have to wait too long to get all the details.


MWC 2016: LG G5 Launch


The news about the release came as many were speculating that LG would be releasing their next model earlier than expected and the invite sent out for the MWC event confirms that.


lg g5 event invite


The invite has been made purposefully vague with just a “play begins” message adorning a jack-in-the-box style music player in the background, but the email text states that it’s an in invite to the launch of the next LG flagship.


LG G5 Rumours


The many rumours surrounding this next flagship show that LG will be making some moves for a better design with a premium look and full metal body, this will put them more in line with the likes of Samsung instead of their previous plastic and leather offerings.


LG G4C review


The processor is expected to be a Snapdragon 820 which will be a big jump from the G4 and the camera is expected to be bumped to a Sony 1/2 inch sensor with a resolution of 20-megapixels.


g4 leather brown


Rumours of an iris scanner are also abound so we could be seeing LG adopt this on their latest flagship device.


The invite states that the event will take place on the 21st February at the MWC 2016 so we will soon get to know the real story.


Would you consider an LG G5 if some of these specifications are confirmed? Do you have an LG handset? Share your thoughts on this manufacturer and what they could do to tempt you to buy one of their smartphones by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+.


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