LG Watch Urbane – Premium Smartwatch


The trend the of smartwatch shows no signs of slowing down and while LG didn’t wow us with their first offering their latest smartwatch is miles ahead of that. For the lowdown on the latest smartwatch from LG read on for our LG Watch Urbane review.


LG Watch Urbane Design


LG Watch Urbane Premium design


The LG Watch Urbane is made from premium materials with a stainless steel body and a 22mm strap that can be changed to either a silicone one or choice of leather stitched ones. This puts the G Watch Urbane at the more stylish end of the smartwatch market rather than the sportier looking G Watch R.


The watch body comes in either rose gold or silver and the bezel has been flattened when compared to the LG G Watch R. There is a button on the side of the watch face (as you would expect to see on a traditional watch) and this acts as a back button.


The display is quite chunky at 1.3-inches and for anyone with slim wrists this smartwatch may look a little odd and the stock leather strap was too loose for me even when using the last strap hole.


LG G Watch Urbane Features


LG Watch Urbane screen


The LG Watch Urbane sits ahead of other watches in the market as it ships with Android 5.1.1 on board however the update will roll out to other devices soon. The always-on screen can be used in different display modes and to conserve battery power a partial screen with less details can be selected.


Built-in Wi-Fi means that you can still receive notifications even if your phone isn’t nearby which is a very bis plus for this smartwatch.


Gesture control allows you to flick through Google Now cards with a flick of the wrist and the Android Wear app allows you to simply tap on the screen to see your app list. A simple swipe left on the screen will take you to your contacts and additional swipes take you through to voice control and Google Now.


LG watch urbane hands on


Android Wear gives you compatibility with lots of Google apps such as Gmail, Play Music and Stopwatch Timer and LG Pulse is on board so you can track your heart rate and this can be used with Fit app to track your fitness goals.


The LG Watch Urbane is packing a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB of memory and the watch offers up to 30 hours of usage between charges.


LG Watch Urbane charging cradle


The smartwatch is IP67 rated making it dust and water resistant and the built-in barometer and accelerometer combined with the heart rate monitor make it a good watch for outdoor activities.




Overall the style and feel of the LG Watch Urbane is impressive however for me it was a bit too chunky and will seems more suited to men than women. The smartwatch is packing pretty much the same tech as the LG G Watch R which is considerably cheaper so the LG Watch Urbane is for anyone that wants a more premium looking smartwatch.

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