LG V30s rumoured to launch at MWC 2018

The MWC 2018 is going to be the event used by many manufacturers to announce their new smartphones and it looks like LG is going to be in on the action too. The LG V30S is expected to be announced at the MWC and it’s going up against some big competition.






The LG V30 delivered some impressive features when it was released last year but it didn’t stand up too well against the big guns from Apple and Samsung. This year the rumoured launch of the V30S puts it up against the Samsng Galaxy S9. So can LG really take on one of the most anticipated phone releases of 2018?


The LG V30S is rumoured to come with a huge 256GB of onboard storage and the LG Lens which uses AI and augmented reality.



The new LG AI smartphone has been talked about for a while now and although there have been other names associated to it, a Korean news source has strongly hinted it will be the LG V30S.


The camera will be boosted with an Augmented Reality app, something that the iPhone X had a strong showing in. The rumoured cost of the phone is very high at $918, the AI and AR features will have to be very impressive for users to fork out that amount.


LG Lens



The LG Lens will allow users to shop for household items and translate foreign languages. The full AR features have not been disclosed so we shall have to wait for the MWC event. The phone will have a dual lens rear camera, so we can expect lots of features and effects.



LG has plenty of fans when it comes to their devices, but the Galaxy range is among the most purchased phones in the market. The bumped up memory can new AI camera fetaures will certainly spark some interest among fans of the latest smartphone trends.

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