LG V30 officially announced

The LG V30 has been officially announced at the IFA Berlin and here we take a look at what this latest flagship LG device has to offer.


LG V30 Features and Design


v30 official


The look of the LG V30 doesn’t particularly offer anything new when compared to other models but there are a few nice little touches that make it stand out. The FullVision 6-inch OLED display has super-slim bezels at the side, making the large screen dominate the front of the device.


lg v30 ifa berlin


The metal sides make the phone feel sturdy and the curved glass back houses the fingerprint sensor, which also acts as the power button. The placement of the sensor seems much more natural than on other devices, so LG have paid attention to the ergonomics of this phone.


The LG V30 is IP68 certified, so it’s waterproof and dust-proof and wireless charging has also been included in the smartphone feature line-up.


LG has ensured this big-screen smartphone has enough power, with 4GB RAM and the new Snapdragon 835 processor. This makes the performance excellent, with no lag even when loading up demanding games or apps.




The rich display has been optimised for Google Daydream, which means you will get to try out the virtual reality services from Google when launched.


The phone is launched with Android 7 but this will update to Android Oreo quickly, according to LG, so you will get the latest picture-in-picture features and more when the software updates.


Audio gets a good run on this handset with Bang & Olufsen earbuds included, along with Quad DAC for amplified sound quality.


LG V30 Camera


The camera has seen some serious improvements, making this a device that will certainly tempt mobile photography fans and anyone that wants decent shots every time. The dual-lens package now consist of a 16-megapixel camera with an f/1.6 aperture for superb low-light capture, and the other lens is a 13-megapixel f/1.9 wide-angle lens.


v30 back


Professional colour grading is added to every shot providing the perfect contrast, lighting and saturation to suit the subject you are capturing. The Cine Log feature allows you to capture and export images with the meta data for exporting to editing software such as Adobe Premiere.


LG has added a new Point Zoom software which can be activated in Cone Video mode, this will allow you to select an area to zoom into and the app will zoom in with a smooth movement, to add fluidity and professional zooming to your video clips.


LG V30 release date and price


The UK release date for the LG V30 has not been confirm yet, and pricing is still up for debate so we will need to see what the UK retailers price it at when it finally gets launched here.


What do you think of the LG V30? The impressive photography features on this device are bound to make fans of other manufacturers consider this device. Would you buy the LG V30? Share your comments below.

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