LG V10 design, features and camera

The LG V10 should be your next premium smartphone purchase. Find out why as we take a look at the LG V10 design, features and camera.


LG V10 design


The LG V10 is unquestionably a premium smartphone and it shows at every corner and crevice. The stainless steel frame is paired with silicon bumpers and a silicon skin on the textured back cover. Together with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, these materials have enabled the LG V10 to gain military certification for drop resistance, where there is no visible marking to the casing or malfunction of the device.


The 5.7” display, with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, in pretty impressive but something odd becomes visible when looking at a powered up V10. There is a second 2.1” display, with a resolution of 1040×160 pixels, sitting above the main display.


LG V10 design


This additional display allows the user to pin apps to it for quick access, view notifications, see the weather report, time or date and perform functions such as music track skipping. In addition to these benefits, the second screen displays incoming notifications without disrupting the action on the main screen.


The second screen is always on but because it saves the owner from switching the main display on to see notifications etc. it actually saves power overall. Saving power is hardly needed though as the high capacity 3000mAh battery can be used with Quick Charge 2.0 to gain 50% charge in just 40 minutes.


The specifications for weight (192g) and size (8.6mm thick) are average, while the 1.8GHz 6-core processor with 3GB RAM is good and the internal memory of 64GB is great. Should users need excessive storage then the internal memory can be boosted with a 2TB microSD card.


LG V10 features


The LG V10 is an Android Lollipop smartphone and like many of the latest mobile phones it has a fingerprint sensor for added security. This is positioned for the index finger on the back of the phone, which doubles as the power on/off key.


LG V10 features


Video is at the heart of the LG V10 and in addition to being able to record at a quality of 4K, users will find the following features:


  1. Quick Video Editor – Apply filters, adjust the playback speed or add titles and background music
  2. 15 Second Video Edit – Automatically create a highlights video that has a smaller file size for sharing
  3. Snap Video – Take 3-seconds of the action of all videos taken on a certain day to make one video clip
  4. Audio Zoom 2.0 – Focus the audio from 3 microphones and remove interference such as wind noise
  5. Manual Video Mode – Adjust the frame rate, ISO, focus and white balance


LG V10 camera


The LG V10 has an excellent 16MP camera with a large aperture for collecting more light in low-light situations. A Manual Camera Mode is also available for those who have professional photographer aspirations.


LG V10 camera


The selfie camera is another oddity that stands out. The 5MP camera is paired with yet another 5MP camera, both of which have differing lenses. The standard lens captures detail with an 80 degrees field of view while the wide angle lens captures group selfies or more of the background with a 120 degrees field of view.


Has the LG V10 intrigued you enough to make it your next premium smartphone?


Written by: Michael Brown

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