LG U990 VIEWTY Review

Briefly: The U990 also know as the Viewty is the newest and must have technological marvel on the market. With a sophisticated style and stunning 3 inch touch screen, everything is at your fingers.

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LG U990 from Mobiles Please

LG U990 from Mobiles Please

The LG Viewty is the true example of a high end 3G device and is set to rival with Apples iphone with both looks and technology. If you though the LG Prada was a looker then you will be stunned by the sleek sophisticated design of this beautiful handset.

LG mobile phones are certainly leading the way with technology,featuring a full 3 inch touch screen which provides great quality when using the 5 mega pixel camera, browsing the web or using the video player. It is also a decent size at 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 but it does have a lot of great features crammed in.
The candy bar style of the phone which is very appealing to the eye is simple and stylish with most of the navigation being done through the full touch screen apart from 2 hard buttons allowing you to control your calls. Alike to the Lg prada the touchscreen is very responsive and easy to navigate incorporating Immersion’s VibeTonz technology.

The real beauty of this touch screen is the 5 mega pixel camera complimented by the Xenon flash which is a must have for any mobile enthusiasts. With image stabilisation and Schneider Kreuznach optics for an ultra crisp imagery,manual/autofocus modes, image stabilzer, ISO800 SmartLight, face tracking and high speed 120 frames per second when video recording you are sure to get the perfect shot.
The camera has a fast saving mode at only 2 seconds compared to many other conventional phones that take between 5 to 10 seconds to save your image. In video camera mode, in addition to shooting VGA resolution clips at 30 fps, the Viewty also allows you to take pictures in 120 fps fast video recording mode and then play video in slow motion at up to 15 fps. LG Viewty also has a dedicated microphone to capture sound during video recording.
Primarily focused on the amazing camera the U900 is also equipped with an excellent music player which supports all traditional formats MP3, AAC, 3GP and many others. The U990 Viewty has the media player that supports MPEG4/Divx video file playback, so you can watch downloaded clips, TV shows and movies on your phone. With a massive 90 MB of onboard memory you can store all your memories plus it is expandable with a micro SD card.

What does the LG U900 Viewty have to offer?
• Stunning touch screen with 240 x 400 pixels
• A 5 mega pixel camera, Xenon flash plus Schneider Kreuznach optics
• Multimedia player allowing you to watch, record and edit
• 3G Fast web browser and HSDPA for quick data

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