LG to unveil six new smartphones at CES 2017

LG looks to be starting 2017 with a whole bunch of new phones that will be showcased as early as January at the CES. The manufacturer is reportedly going to be releasing the majority of their new lineup at the January event with rumours hinting that LG will unveil six new smartphones at CES.


LG at CES 2017


The Las Vegas technology show will apparently be the platform for LG to launch their six new mid-range phones with a further one being saved for a debut at the MWC next year.


The rumours point to a new bunch of handsets in the LG K range with new versions of the LG K3, K4, K8 and K10 to be offered up during the CES event.


k5 update expected at ces


The LG Stylus range is expected to be updated as well as the appearance of the first LG X Calibur phone which is expected to offer military-grade tough specs as well as dust and water resistance.


lg stylus range


This whole pack of phones is anticipated to be the bulk of what is expected from LG during the CES however there is some inkling that the phones will be announced prior to the event to create interest so we could be hearing a lot directly from LG about these phones very soon.


MWC 2017


The product-packed LG event is expected to be followed by another smartphone announcement at the MWC in Barcelona at the end of February.The rumoured device for the MWC event is supposedly going to be the next X Power smartphone sporting a whopping 4,500mAh battery.


LG new smartphone release dates


With the handsets making appearances at the event we can expect actual stock to appear shortly after with the K-Series smartphones shipping from the latter half of January. The LG Stylus new release will be on offer from February with the X Calibur and X power following in March and April.


The smartphones are not believed to be the only things coming our way from LG in 2017 with rumours around four new smartwatches in the works.


lg smartwatches


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