LG Stylus 2 launches in the UK

The LG Stylus 2 has launched in the UK and priced for the mid-range, this smartphone brings the stylus to more consumers than ever before.


Stylus Pen


Stylus Pens are not for everyone but anyone who fancies a phone with one, will not be disappointed with the LG Stylus 2.


In this reworking of the original Stylus phone from LG, significant steps have been taken to ensure increased accuracy, sensitivity and natural feel. The old rubber tip is out and instead there is a nano fiber tip, which is much thinner than the original.


Stylus Pen


Screen-off Memo is the first feature to make use of the Stylus. When the Stylus is removed from the Pen Keeper the phone senses this and allows the user to create memos, on the off screen, and without the need to find the feature through the menu.


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For more advanced note taking, Pop Memo can be used to write on top of anything that is shown on the display. A little flair can be added as well by using the Calligraphy Pen Mode.


Finally, Pop Scanner can be used to trace the outline of an object or person, in order to bring the selected to the foreground, centred and rotated to the right way up.


If the LG Stylus 2 moves too far away from where the Stylus Pen has been left, then the phone gives a warning, ensuring that the stylus is never lost or left behind.


LG X Cam design and features


When you see the LG X Cam in the flesh, the first thing that stands out is how large the 5.7-inch display is. Of course, this is desired on a phone with a stylus and a unique floating look is given to this, as it sits protruding out from the body of the phone. The HD resolution (1280 x 720) gives 258 pixels per inch.


The edges of the phone are metal, while inside there is a big 3000mAh battery and quad-core processor. There is also a 16GB memory, microSD card slot, Knock Code lock screen and DAB+ digital radio, the ‘free’ streaming of which is the first on a phone in the UK.


Stylus smartphones


Google’s Android Marshmallow operating system is pre-loaded and this really gives all the functionality that you could want:


Now on Tap can be triggered with a double tap on the home key and this gives a pop menu with quick links to things you may like to do next. For example, if you are reading an email that mentions a hotel, Now on Tap will give you a link to a hotel review and booking site.


Google Voice Recognition can be used to make search engine queries, dictate messages, set reminders and a whole lot more.


Google Maps work with GPS for turn-by-turn directions and it is possible to download local and national maps so that the service works offline and without an internet connection.


In addition to this, there is Bluetooth, NFC, a document viewer and 4G.


LG X Cam camera


The LG X Cam has a high definition 13 megapixels camera that can record videos as well as capture still photos. On the opposite side, there is a 8 megapixels selfie camera and a simple hand gesture can be used to activate the countdown timer.


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Final thoughts: A phone of this size would be transformed if it had Full HD resolution and an octa-core processor. However, these are small sacrifices when you calculate the price difference between this and something like the Samsung Galaxy Note.
Written by: Michael Brown

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