LG Reveals Quick Cover Case for LG G5


LG certainly want to keep the momentum going with the upcoming launch of the LG G5 as they are trickling information through ahead of the event. The latest is that LG has revealed the Quick Cover case for the LG G5 on their Facebook page giving us a bit more info on that “Always ON” feature from the previous leak.


LG G5 Quick Cover mesh case design allows touch


lg g5 quick cover


The Quick Cover that has been designed for use with the LG G5 has been shown on the LG Facebook page and it looks like the mesh design has been made to work with the “Always ON” feature of the display. The mesh design actually allows some touch functions through the case without the need to open it. This kind of thing has been seen on phones before with the likes of HTC offering something similar.


This latest incarnation of a Quick Cover from LG will allow users to answer calls, check notifications and stop alarms as well as checking the time which will be on the “Always ON” feature of the screen.


quick cover case


These leaks and teasers are now coming in thick and fast which shows that LG is hoping for a good following when the final product is launched at the MWC 2016. With all this information coming out beforehand though what will they have left to surprise us with? Well we will only have to wait until February 21st to find out so watch this space.


Would you use the Quick Cover functions on the LG G5? Do you think manufacturers let so much information out before a launch? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and join us on Google+ to let us know what you think of this phone and what you are looking forward to the most from MWC 2016.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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