LG Renoir KC910 Mobile Phone Review

LG join competitors Sony Ericsson and Samsung in the race for the best 8 mega pixel camera and what a beautiful phone it is! Combining excellent substance, performance and design the Renoir, also known as the LG Renoir KC910 is hot on the iphone with an amazing camera and many other great features.

The Renoir has a 3 inch full touch screen which proves very responsive and provides great high resolution images. Beneath the touch screen are 3 buttons which control your calls but the touch screen is the star of this phone. Now back to the important bit, the 8 megapixel camera!
Do big numbers really make a difference…? Well with 8 Megs this phone camera shots are better than some you can take with a pretty decent digital camera. With the shutter release button on the right hand side of the phone and the up and down button allowing you to zoom in and out so it is very simple to navigate. Although primarily a camera phone it does not have optical zoom but 16X digital zoom and  when the shot is pressed it will automatically focus and take the picture.
It is also has some great editing tool such as face detection and smile detection – which takes the shot only when people are smiling? If you’re feeling more creative there are other great functions including the beauty shot- which claims to hide any blemishes on the shot or a whole range of comical frames which will somewhat enhance your images.
Now this handset is just a great camera phone …with other top features including 3G internet for fast web browsing, an Mp3 player and a video player courtesy of Dolby mobile that promises amazing playback. The Renoir is the first phone launched to include this Dolby mobile technology. This phone also has a unique application called the Jogging buddy which tells you how far you have run and how long it has taken you which is pretty useful if you like exercising.
And finally, this phone is HSDPA (7.2Mbps), and has, of course, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0

The Renoir certainly will be a bestseller like the Viewty and with such great other features the 8 mega pixel camera is just a bonus!

LG Renoir

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