LG Quick Voice to Compete with Siri and S-Voice



Voice control has been around for quite a while, but after Apple introduced Siri that took voice control to a more natural conversation-like experience other manufacturers have followed suit. The Samsung Galaxy SIII had S-Voice and now LG has announced Quick Voice which will be featured on their Optimus range.


As with Siri on the iPhone 4S and S-Voice on the S3, the Quick Voice feature allows you to talk to your phone naturally and to do things such as check the weather, search the web or make phone calls.


However LG will not be restricting the feature to a single device like Apple and Samsung as they plan to add it to the Optimus range from the end of this month. However there has been no confirmation on exactly which phones will be getting the update but as it will be rolling out soon we won’t have long to wait and see.


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