LG & Prada Smartphone collaboration due in 2012

LG and Prada will be working together to create a new handset due for release in 2012, as confirmed at a signing ceremony in Seoul. This collaboration sees LG becoming Prada’s exclusive mobile phone partner, continuing the relationship that began in 2006 delivering two previous phones.


The latest handset is anticipated to be a smartphone with both sides concentrating on certain aspects of the software, user interface and of course design. The two companies provide a synergy of innovation and breathtaking design making this continued relationship a good fit.


The results of earlier collaborations yielded great results with the first LG Prada phone selling over a million units. The stunning design has been immortalised as an exhibit in the New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.


Whatever the offspring of this latest encounter may be, you can be assured of stunning design(as the teaser image on the press release suggests) and innovative technology from these two giants of their respective fields.

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