LG Prada Ke850 Review

Want to be Ahead Of the fashion pack? Then get your hands on LG and Prada collaboration presenting the Ke850. Sleek, sophisticated and elegant.
With an Avante garde design the LG Prada has sparked a long line of collaborations between the mobile and fashion world  such as Dolce & Gabbana with Motorola, Julian Mcdonald with Sony Ericsson and Cath Kidston with Nokia.
With a stunning simplistic touch screen only shell can the Prada phone really fight of competitions from the latest phones on the market?
At the heart of the phone is a comprehensive set of software all crammed into this lightweight handset of 85 grams. With a multimedia player playing MP3, AAC,WMA and RealAudio sound files plus playback on widescreen video clips .
The camera is fantastic down to the Schneider Kreuznach lens – they manufacture pretty much every lens for Kodak so if it’s good enough for them the Lg Ke850 should take some great pictures.
The drawbacks include no 3g or WIFI support, little memory of 8MB so a memory card would be needed for downloading and as it’s only a Tri band GSM phone it is unlikely to crack the US at the moment.
It seems LG Prada Ke850 is not just a brand stuck on the handset, it is actually a really good handset plus its biggest advantage is that it will be all around the world very soon.

LG KE850 Prada Front LG KE850 Prada Back

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