LG patents 16-lens camera phone design

The rear camera on smartphones has been going through somewhat of a revolution lately. Gone are the days of a simple snapper on the back of your phone. Dual cameras have become more commonplace and we seeing more sensors packed into the devices than ever before. It looks like one manufacturer is taking this to a whole new level as a patent filed by LG shows 16 cameras packed onto the back of a phone.


16 lens rear camera smartphone


While you may be marvelling at the photos you are able to get with your new dual or triple camera, LG are setting their sights much higher.



A newly filed patent has been discovered by Letsgodigital showing that LG wants to put a total of 16 camera lenses on the back of a smartphone. What could this many cameras achieve? The lenses are set up in a curve to capture various perspectives and produce a still image that looks like it’s moving.


As objects will be captured in 3D you will also be able to replace them within the image. This could make for lots of different effects within a photo. Take out that random person that walked into the shot or create a whole new look when editing.


16 camera magic


The patent includes further details on how the advanced camera can be used. A mirror and flash can be added to illuminate the scene or make it easier to take a selfie with the rear camera.


A total of 16 lenses could make for a bulkier phone so LG will need to work on streamlining the camera module to make it really work. As this is just a patent filing at the moment it may not actually appear on shelves in the near future. Many manufacturers file patents for devices that don’t come into fruition. A patent filing does mean they are working on it in the developmental stage so we shall have to see.


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