LG Lead the way with Style

Here at mobilesplease we think LG sure know how to produce a good looking phone that stands out from the rest. With the innovative Crystal, the powerful Viewty Smart and the new Chocolate, LG’s latest handsets are super stylish and cool and I want them all!

The Shape of Things to Come.

BL40 ChocolateThe LG BL40 Chocolate is the fourth handset from the Black Label Series. With a distinctive high definition LCD 4 inch wide screen the ‘Chocolate’ breaks away from conventional screen designs with a cinema experience and optimal viewing for mobile computing. This screen makes using the mobile incredibly easy and efficient because there is no need to scroll horizontally to look at web pages making it a must have design feature for future phones.

 Touch becomes Crystal Clear

The innovative LG design is the world’s first transparent keypad and also features a stunning high resolution touchscreen main display. The Crystal clear keypad works like a mouse pad allowing you glide and navigate through the phone with ease. The phone also boasts an impressive 8 mega pixel camera with high quality lens, face detection and auto focus as well as video recording and calling abilities.

 Super Smart and Sleek Viewty

The stunning Viewty Smart phone is a modern looking handset with a lovely brushed metal rear panel. Not only is the phone really good to look at, it also boasts an impressive list of features. The Viewty Smart features a 3 inch high resolution, S-Class touchscreen interface with a built in accelerometer to enhance your viewing of movies, pictures and games in widescreen. The sleek Viewty Smart features an 8 mega pixel camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens which produces excellent quality photos and also records DVD quality videos. 

These three stylish phones are a must for those who are looking for a standout handset with brilliant features….all you have to do now is decide which one to have!

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