LG KP500 Cookie review

Briefly: A slim, sleek looking deviceĀ  with a large 3 inch colour touch screen. A very simple & easy to use handset.

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With a cool 3 inch touch screen this handset is ideal for watching films, playing games and looking at photos. Bigger is better in the world of touch screen interfaces so LG have hit it right on the mark! Say goodbye to keyboards with the handwriting recognition feature you can write using the stylus pen and it will send our message in normal text form wow…it will even send complicated messages such as chinese.

Although this phone is marketed as a ‘good value’ phone it still comes with some pretty amazing unique features.Downsides include no 3G or Wi-Fi but we are willing to let that go for the cool stylus pen that you get for free with it!

One of the first things you will notice about the KP500, also known as the cookie is how similar it looks to the LG Renoir its older brother….minus the amazing 8 mega pixel camera on the back. With the cookie you get a 3 mega pixel camera which still serves its need and will deliver pretty decent photographs.

One of the other things you will notice about this handset is how easy it is to navigate; an virtual screen full QWERTY keyboard, handwriting recognition for SMSĀ  plus with an automatically rotating screen it is very easy to view large images, films etc.

All in all a pretty basic phone but if you are in the market for a touch screen handset and are not fussed on browsing the web quickly then the LP KP500 may just be for you.
For a more advanced touch screen why not try the Nokia 5800 express which is not only the very first touch screen handset from Nokia but is completely dedicated to music so you can dance the night away!

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