LG KF750 Secret Review

Can you keep a secret? The Lg KF750 secret is the latest handset from the innovators. A mobile combining uncompromising design with smart technology.
With a supersilm carbon fibre and tempered glass case (which LG claim to be unbreakable? ) this model is the third from the black label collection consisting of the chocolate,shine and now the secret.
Visually stunning like its predecessors this phone isn’t just a pretty face, claiming to be the slimmest handset with a 5 mega pixel camera plus great applications such as 3G video calling & the light up touchscreen.
If your looking for a decent camera phone this fits the bill with 5 mega pixels it has a very similar specification to the successful LG Viewty. It has great features such as ‘morphing’ which allows you to edit faces which is very fun!
Like the chocolate it has a stylish slider with a touch screen and conceals the flat keypad which makes it simple to navigate the handset. Touch media is the Secrets new feature allowing you to access the media player for Music and Fm radio, Photos and office documents and M-toy, the new motion sensitive facilities through six simple games. Apart from this the touch screen is more of a gimmick rather than a full navigation tool.
The touch screen comes in handy with the 3G internet allowing you to browse around the web easily on the 2.4 inch screen. This LG mobile phone could rival the iphone with these great features.
Whether you choose the LG secret for its stunning slim design, its fantastic camera or just to try out a touch screen you wont want to keep this a secret from your friends!

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