LG KC910i Renoir

Another LG Renoir…..Dejavue?

No, To coincide with the anniversary of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s LG have announced the LG KC910i Renoir… exactly the same name of the 8 mega pixel camera released in 2008 but with a mystical ‘i’ placed on the end. With a few subtle changes Mobilesplease investigates whether it has changed for the better?


The most obvious change to the design of the handset that it is all black whilst being slightly thicker plus the mechanical camera lens cover has disappeared.


The 8 mega pixel camera interface has been revamped fixing little problems of its predecessor such as it now doesn’t crop images once saved, what you see is what you get. With these small improvements you should get the best out the this latest camera phone.

Other than these subtle changes the handset looks the same with the original features including the 3 inch touch screen, Wifi support and excellent multimedia support.

With this fantastic makeover we are sure this new handset will be as popular as the original renoir. Available from May onwards…can’t wait to get your hands on it? Buy the LG Renoir KC910 at Mobilesplease now.

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