LG K9501 Cookie Pink Review

Briefly:  The LG K9501 Cookie Pink is a slim alluring device available in a sassy pink colour is perfect for staying organised and chic. This is a classy phone with a similar interface to the LG renoir. The mobile has a simplistic design and is a light weight at 89g and has a battery standby of 2 weeks and 14 hours. Available for only £10 a month, this phone is available with a great contract making it difficult to resist. With applications allowing you to draw your own pictures and control the phone by simple tapping the screen this cookie, like all others is irresistible!

What does this phone have to offer?

  • Built-in 3 megapixel camera with zoom
  • Tablet style handset
  • 262k TFT colour screen
  • 3 inch touch screen
  • Handwriting recognition

As well as the above this phone has many more features such as vibration alert, downloadable games and an internal memory of 48mb.

Mobilesplease thinks this phone is stylishly sexy and easy to use, so for instant organisation try the LG cookie!

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