LG K3 Review – Affordable and easy to use

The LG K3 is an affordable smartphone and while it may not top the list when compared to flagship models this phone is a good choice as a affordable Christmas present for young or first time smartphone owners. In our LG G3 review we take a look at what you get at such a low price and why this is a good choice for a Christmas gift for elderly relatives or young kids.


LG K3 Design


k3 design features


The overall look and feel of the LG K3 is actually pretty good for such a low price tag with the rear cover sporting a textured finish and allowing for easy grip when using one-handed.


Even though the device isn’t made from high-end materials it does feel sturdy and well-built and should withstand every day use easily.


LG K3 Features


k3 easyhome mode


The display of the LG K3 is a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 (FWGA) pixels and it performs well by delivering bright and vibrant colours and detailed images.


The phone has Android Marshmallow on board and this is powered by a 1.1GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and even though this is not big power when compared to other LG models it is perfect for the affordable sector it sits within.


lg k3 easy grip finish


The handset includes KnockON which will wake up the handset or put it into sleep mode with a simple double knock on the screen. LG Knock Code allows the phone to be secured with a Pin,Password or Code and the virtual buttons can be customised with a further five buttons for quick access to various apps or functions.


The phone has an EasyHome interface option which will simplify the phone layout and switch to a larger font size making it ideal for elderly users.


The usual slew of Android apps are on board such as Chrome and YouTube but LG has added to this with some of their own such as QuickMemo+ to create notes, on screen handwriting or photo memos.


The battery is a 1,940mAh power pack and this delivers a decent 14 hours of talk time mainly thanks to the simplified system and smaller display.

LG K3 Camera


lg k3 camera options



The LG K3 has a 5-megapixel main camera with 4x digital zoom and includes a simplified camera pp and Quick Share making it perfect for younger first time phone owners or anyone looking for an easy to use phone.


The camera can record video clips in HD quality and still shots can be captured while the video is captured giving you lots of options.


lg k3 camera


The selfie camera is a VGA lens with just a 0.3-megapixel resolution so results are not that good but LG has added Gesture Shot for easy capture and Auto-selfie for taking a burst shot of four images for your best angle. There is also Flash for Selfie on board which lights up the screen to illuminate your face before taking the shot.


This phone is certainly not going to win any top prizes for performance or features but the low price point and easy to use system make this the perfect choice for a first-time user or an elderly user that does not want all the advanced features found on a flagship device.

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